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A renewed interest in alarms that protect hardware, users
December 27, 2005

ATM Proposal May Keep You Safer
June 15, 2005

AtmB-Safe invited to speak at ATM Sec 4 Conference
October 17 & 18, 2004

ATMB-Safe intros new emergency alert system for ATMs
September 10, 2004

Lawmakers consider emergency alert systems for ATMs
August 30, 2004

Detroit council to vote on ordinance requiring emergency call system at ATMs
July 28, 2004

Global ATM Security Alliance launches global Crime Information System
July, 2004

Forced ATM Withdrawals: Towards a Solution

Current legislative issues concerning the ATM industry

Australian government to propose ATM safety measures
February 20, 2004

Banking on ATM safety — SafetyPIN software developed, but banks aren't buying
January 28, 2004

New law requires banks to hold ATM tapes longer
September 23, 2003

Government Relations [E-911 access buttons] — NYBA - New York Bankers Association

ATM Bill Could Increase Risk to Bank Customers